So disappointing…

I tried on my jeans, and none fit. Not one single pair. 
I don’t understand why I keep getting bigger… 

I’ve been eating good, I go to the gym 3 times a week, I only drink water and tea… 

My legs have toned up a lot, but my stomach is getting bigger. It keeps. getting. fucking. bigger. and I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, what I’m not doing good enough… 

What is wrong with me..

Okay then… +
My fav aunt and uncle are coming over soon for a visit!

I’m pretty excited, even though I have to study for my med calc exam AND my peds midterm.

My parents went to Lloyd and bought me tins of Creme Caramel and Mint Chocolate rooibos from davids tea 😍😍

Pretty awesome parents, I have

Go away with your stressful attitude.

Stop freaking out. I understand being anxious, and being nervous about skill testings and exams. But please, for the love of god, get away from me if you’re just gonna be bitching and being hysterical about it. 

I get nervous too. Sometimes I feel like I might vomit I’m so stressed out about testings. But I don’t go running my mouth and crying in front of everyone, 10 minutes before we’re being tested! You’re making it worse for every one else in the room. 

Shut the fuck up. Sit down, and relax. Jesus.

I get the dumbest looks when I go to the health unit for my post transplant vaccination.

I said “I’d like to get my second round of live vaccines done, Helen said to come between 8 and 10”

And the receptionist looked at me like I was an imbecile with three heads. She went, “live vaccines…like for traveling?”

….no, you dumb cow. Like chicken pox, and measles, and all these other vaccines that people should be forced to give their kids.

😔 +
I’m just exhausted and sad, and wish I was being held and cuddled by my man.. +
Some of my fellow nursing classmates need to learn about a little something called respect.

Laughing because a client has skin folds, and you would need an extra hand to help when catheterizing them is extremely rude.


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